Hosted by Ontario Daylily Society in Mississauga, Ontario
  May 4-5, 2018

Early Bird Registration (prior to April 1) is $110 Cdn    ($125 Cdn after April 1)
Youth Registration is $50 Cdn
Note: If you pay using PayPal, the charge is automatically in Canadian dollars.
If you wish to pay by cheque in American dollars, contact for current exchange.

You can Register ONLINE and PAY using PayPal - (read these instructions first)

  • FIRST STEP: click on REGISTER and PAY ONLINE to get access to the form.
  • SECOND STEP: Fill in form - you may register yourself and one other person on one form. When complete, click on CHECK MY INFO.
    • If there is any missing information, you will see red error messages. Fix them!
    • Once there are no errors, it will display a summary of your information and show a SUBMIT button. You can still change anything you want and click on CHECK MY INFO again.
    • When all is as you want it, click on SUBMIT. It will email your information to the registrar with a copy to you.
  • THIRD STEP: Click on the BUY NOW PayPal button (it may take a few seconds to appear)
    • Once you log in to your PayPal account, an invoice will appear - follow the instructions.
    • You will receive a receipt from PayPal.
  • All done!

Register ONLINE and PAY using PayPalOR    Click here for Registration form to PRINT and MAIL

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